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Supply chain management is not just a process for reducing costs and achieving greater operational efficiencies within an organization. Although these are important considerations, modern supply chain management involves the strategic alignment of end-to-end business processes to achieve market and economic value, as well as competitive advantage. Effective supply chain management is achieved by an organization proactively adopting initiatives to move suppliers and customers into collaborative relationships for mutual gain. Business professionals who want to make a signifi­cant impact on the efficiency, effectiveness or probability of their organizations should consider learning more about supply chain management and its value for companies operating in a competitive global marketplace.


This course introduces all aspects of marketing, including strategic marketing planning, marketing research, product planning and development, promotion planning, distribution and pricing. It provides an understanding of the theories of the marketing mix variables, and a practical application in the context of the marketing management cycle processes of research, planning, organization, implementation and control.

The latter part of the program examines the process of marketing management in different sectors.

This course provides you with a general overview of the planning process of business strategies. Topics include concepts of corporate strategy, the decision-making process, formulation of strategy, strategic thinking, and the formation, implementation and evaluation of strategy. Research areas in business strategies are analyzed.

It enhances the capability to develop knowledge and theory, and their application. Key to this is a program to develop personal, consultancy and research skills in the context of rigorous and relevant research.

People (human resources) are viewed by most experts as the most important asset of any organization.

Managing an organization’s people is often the most challenging and complex task required of a manager. It is also the responsibility, if executed well, that permits a person to rise to the senior level of management or prevents a manager from rising to the senior level if done poorly.


Real Estate and Property Services courses offer you a better understanding of how the real estate market works and how to implement their knowledge in a business setting.

Course in this sector are formulated to equip you with the practical skills and background knowledge you need to accomplish organizational, enterprising tasks within any organization.

If you are taking this course, you have some professional exposure to the duties of a project manager. Your ability as a project manager to demonstrate best practices in project management-both on the job and through professional certification -is becoming the standard to compete in today’s fast-paced and highly technical workplace. In this course, you will apply the recognized practices of project management acknowledged by the Project Management Institute (PMI) ® to successfully manage projects.

Project managers who have proven skills and experience can fi­nd exciting, high-visibility opportunities in a wide range of ­fields. This course is specially designed to provide you with the proven, practical body of project management knowledge and skills that you need to demonstrate project management mastery on the job.

Our Fast MBA is a quick and cost-effective way to reach your next career goal and boost your employment profi­le. It’s a unique opportunity to equip yourself with practical management skills that you can put to work immediately.

  • Whether you look forward to strengthening your ground in the area of entrepreneurship or have your goal well focused on escalating the corporate rung, it is important that you go for an MBA degree.
  • MBA degree will help you get an insight into the tricks & acumen necessary for competent handling of business and segments constituting it.
  • You may be wonderfully knowledgeable, but an MBA program relevant to your fi­eld of operation will help sharpen your managerial skills & soft skills necessary for man management.